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Lunar Eclipse June 4, 2012

A partial lunar eclipse occurred on June 4,2012 at the moon’s ascending node, when lower part of the moon slowly slipped into the earth’s shadow and glided through umbra, the inner portion of the earth’s shadow. In India the eclipse was not visible as it occurred before moonrise. Lunar eclipse is a good time to clear emotional debris accumulated in the etheric body. Clearing up emotional junk makes room for fresh start and new way of thinking.    

Emotions rise at etheric level similar to gentle waves which turn into strong, sharp crested waves in presence of a catalyst. Etheric body or emotional body has its own vibrations and frequencies. Emotions such as anger, hatred, love, forgiveness, fear etc have their own momentum. For example, etheric body shrinks while experiencing fear and expands while experiencing love. Effects of such changes become evident on physical level in form of body language or behavior. When a person experiences positive emotion, his etheric body expands and blossoms into its full capacity. This creates a bridge between the physical body and ehteric body. While both the bodies are aligned and connected, there is a felling of well being and happiness. Fearful or negative experiences make the etheric body shrink and disconnect from the physical body. When this connection is severed, a person becomes incapable of experiencing his emotions. This creates imbalances on physical and mental level.

Energy Body

To experience balance and harmony with yourself and surroundings, it is essential to become aware of your feelings; acknowledge and express them in a healthy manner. Sometimes emotions originated in the etheric body remain unexpressed. These unexpressed or unacknowledged feelings create blocks on emotional level. Emotional debris accumulated over a period of time hamper the smooth functioning of etheric body. These blocks may provoke lopsided or extreme reactions to situations and surroundings or they may cut off a person from experiencing his feelings and emotions.

Swadhishthan chakra or the second chakra is connected with the emotional body. Emotions such as hate, anger, violence or fear originate here. These emotions are survival instincts useful in protecting oneself from danger. By understanding them properly, they can be transformed into unconditional love, forgiveness and fearlessness. If the emotions are not expressed or disposed off, they accumulate in the Manipur chakra or third chakra. Blocked Manipur chakra can create health problems on physical, mental level. As you release all the suppressed emotions, Manipur chakra would shine brightly. You would feel more sensitive, authentic and healthy person with self respect and self esteem. All of us have emotional debris in some extent. It is necessary to clean your emotional body time and again to live a peaceful and happy life.

Venus Transit June 5-6, 2012

Another rare and significant celestial phenomenon this month was retrograde venus transit across the sun on June 5-6, 2012. Venus transits retrograde till June 27, 2012. Venus is the planet of love, attraction, beauty, arts, aesthetics and affluence. Retrograde venus is the channel of divine love that pervades entire creation. Under the influence of retrograde venus, sensitivity and perception can heightened up. Developed sense of intuition and divine inspiration can be experienced during this phase. It becomes easier to tap into other people’s thoughts and feelings during such phase. Retrograde venus is also powerful time to channelize healing to a large number of people collectively. People become aware of divine energy connecting all forms of existence. It is a powerful time to expand your consciousness through meditation and healing. Venus is connected with the astral body. Astral body is a very subtle body with fine vibrations. Once we become aware of emotional body and its wavelike energy formations, we can try to access astral body. Fine vibrations of astral body generate emotions on etheric or emotional body. These emotions are expressed on physical level in form of actions. By fine tuning the vibrations on astral level, we can manipulate emotions on etheric level.  A person who is able to access his astral body, can perceive other people’s vibrations also.

Now is a good opportunity to cleanse your etheric body and fine tune your astral body. You can perform such cleansing anytime with the help of energy healing, crystal healing or meditation. You can also request an hour long healing session with me. For more details, contact me!


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